In 2002, a few like-minded women decided to do their bit for society. They brought with them heaps of practical wisdom, coupled with the belief that in India, the only way to change the face of education is to make it free of all barriers.
 Rapid urbanization had turned Gurgaon into a “Millennium City” with little or no facilities for the children of farmers, migrant laborers, construction workers and blue collar employees
 The founder members decided to step in and Pragati was born to fulfill the learning dreams of these under-privileged children
 With limited funds of Rs. 8000 (US$ 200), Pragati started in April 2002, as a non-profit, charitable society. A few children were gathered, a tiny sliver of land in an abandoned park was identified, a few chattais (mats) spread on the ground and the school swung into action.  Most of these children were either attending school for the first time or had a fractured education due to the migrant nature of their lifestyle. Pragati began its mission of nurturing, guiding and teaching these  children of the neighborhood with the hope that they would one day, weave their own dreams.
Pragati moved into it’s first permanent building,a government property, in 2006
old school pic Picture3

 As our numbers grew, the classrooms once again spilled out into the open.

Today, Pragati has 280 students on its rolls. We are now located in 3 school buildings that have been allocated to us by the Education Department of the State of Haryana, India, with the directive that we manage the schools. 

 Now all three campuses have indoor classrooms and outdoor classes which are semi-permanent sheds.


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