English Savvy

English” in today’s world , is the most important skill to acquire. And whether you are a blue collar or white collar employee, spoken English, can take you far.

Our students are no different from others in their zeal to be educated in the English language. Many aspire to and even join English medium schools after their 5 th std at Pragati. In order to help them  fulfill this need, we have begun, in the session of 2013-14, a curriculum intended to upgrade their reading skills, interest them in reading habits and inculcate the spoken form of the language.

. English conv

Combining story telling, jumbles, role plays etc these classes were created to inspire the reading habit and assist comprehension. Conducted completely in English, these classes aim to inculcate fearless speech and day to day conversation skills.

The classes are conducted for classes 3 to 5 in all the Pragati Premises.

Worksheets of jumbles, quizzes and word games enhance their vocabulary, while story telling and spoken word games and conversations aim to improve the speaking skills. Puppetry, and theater add to the excitement. The children immensely enjoy the plays which are staged periodically by them.

Conducted by a dedicated group of volunteers, this is a Pragati Initiative, run as an after school activity post the regular academic classes.



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