Computer Classes

Today, knowledge of computers is an integral part of education. And we believe we should give Pragti students a good foundation in this area as well. We have 5 computers in each of our premises, generously donated by well wishers. Our students were taught by volunteers once a week. They are introduced to basic application software like MS Office. As we were unable to hire teachers for the same, we depended on volunteers to help us educate the children. A student of class 12, Dhruv has been teaching a group of children at the Max campus, while Ms. Alka Budhiraj taught all the children of class 4 and 5 at the Arcade school.


Getting to understand computers, a favourite class among our students !

Apart from this, we have recently opened a computer lab in Pragati Vatika campus. The students of classes 4 and 5 from all three campuses share this lab . The lab functions 6 days a week and classes are held by a teacher hired solely for this purpose. 

comp lab 1

 With the opening of the new lab, we look forward to be able to educate the younger ones on the older computers.