CSR Events

Pragati is proud to have patrons who share our vision and want our students to grow with every advantage that we can provide them with.

While some corporates support us monetarily , most would like to interact with the children. Every year the students are exposed to varying experiences, some educational, some recreational.

Employees from  ELi LIlly  painted tables and chairs, TCS and Vertex employees  organised competitions,taught the students crafts and songs. Cargill employees painted our walls, organised melas , taught, played and sang with our children. Our newsletter carries all these interactions on a regular basis.


Cargill employees painting the walls at Pragati Vatika .Aug,2014

photo (5)photo (6)

Cargill volunteers teach the students to make star mobiles for Christmas.

20141017_131417 20141017_131928 altAic2s1kbK-gqQmdF8W_mip3AYcmoUyKaOxzaZITzMPIN - Copy

Walmart employees interacting with students and bringing awareness of dengue.Oct.2014

Puppet show

Students mesmerized by a puppet show

On 30th Nov 2011, United Way of India , held an extensive teacher training programme. the teachers of Pragati  gained a lot by participating therein.


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