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Walmart creates awareness

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September 2014

Employees of Walmart visited Arcade Pragati , to educate the children about Dengue fever. It was an interactive session enjoyed by the children, and they made a big poster in support of medical aid for Dengue.altAic2s1kbK-gqQmdF8W_mip3AYcmoUyKaOxzaZITzMPIN altAlHPt9uYecv3pz1ztrzfJ76mHIl6yfoS3Xu-m_ieKyXi altAmMth9oOwo1AfUc3CRBAW5dhuOpYuP0UjkVsHRw5ad6g


DPSSL students Teach Origami at Max Pragati school

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Fostering a bond between the students of DPSSL and Pragati Schools has been a new development this academic session of 2014-15. As our neighbour DPSSL is a unique partner we can turn to , to supplement our students’ education.

In July some studentsof DPSSL kicked off this venture with some simple experiments they had made to explain the properties of AIR and shared with with the students of Max Pragati. It was a roaring success with active participation from all , it is true that children learn from their peers more effectively.

In August some other DPS students cam e to teach Origami . This session left them wanting more. WP_20140827_010 WP_20140827_011 WP_20140827_012 WP_20140827_013

Pragati Gurgaon children visit DPSSL science exhibition

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The day was filled with excitement as students of class 4 and 5 of all the Pragati Guragon schools went on a day trip to their neighbourhood school DPS Sushant Lok. They were treated to various science exhibits and models made by the DPS students, who patiently explained the scientific concepts behind them . This was a hands on learning experience which opened up a new understanding of science for our students. But the fun did not stop there. As a step  towards better bonding of the students of both schools, DPS had organised for their students to bring an extra lunch box each to share with their pragati friends. This was a much appreciated gesture leavinf everyone with a smile on their lips and a warm feeling within. A perfect day trip !

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Vatika School walls decorated by Cargill employees

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August 2014 : Volunteers from Cargill , patrons of our Vatika Pragati school , had an enjoyable day painting the walls at the entrance of the school building.August 2014 : Volunteers from Cargill , patrons of our Vatika Pragati school , had an enjoyable day painting the walls at the entrance of the school building.