Interaction With Partner Schools

Pragati students are fortunate to have students of good schools to interact with. Often we have students from International curriculum volunteer their time to teach art or sports to our children. These interactions make our students feel comfortable with english speaking children and help bridge the gap between the minds of the haves and the have-nots. Now we are fortunate to have not one, but two schools, and their students actively engage with our students.


Over the past few years the British School and their students have has a growing relationship with pragati. There have been some very interesting activities organised by them for our children these past few years.


Sports organised by British school students. School bags as christmas gifts !

A sports day was organized at the British school for our school children. It was completely organised by their students. A fun outing and a great exposure for all our students.


A neighbour to our schools, DPSSL, has started an association with us from 2013. The school would like their children to be aware of children in other economic strata and to actively participate in helping their education.




sc exhibit dpssl

altAgh1hEthWomca8ptclGL6SLGdfTpI_gDxJNC_tpCZBDU - Copy

The students conducted science experiments at Pragati and explained them to our senior students.On seeing their enthusiasm, they invited all the seniors to their science exhibition and, as a gesture of friendship, shared their lunches with them.



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