We Spend On

We are thankful for the support of all our well wishers, without whom Pragati cannot be run. We constantly require funds to run the school for our ever increasing number of students. It would be ideal to be able to generate a corpus, from the interest of which we could run the school.

Our regular expenditure areas are many. While individuals or corporates chose to sponsor one or two of them, most of these expenses are met by Pragati .


Infra structure :  New classrooms , furniture, Boards and soft boards, fans, coolers, mat shutters in summer.

Maintenance: Electricity, water, maintenance of water purifiers,coolers and computers, plumbing and wall repairs, painting, cooking gas.

Salaries: For teachers and care-takers.

Nutrition and Health : Eggs, Milk and fruits for students. Basic medicines and first aid kits.

Consultants’ fee : Accounts and auditing, Doctor.

Stationery : School bags, lunch boxes/ plates,glasses, pencil boxes, note books, text books, pencils, erasers , scales , crayons, paints, papers. Office stationary, bill books, ledgers, enveloppes,pens.

Annual day expenses : Costumes, Stage and tents, music system, food.

Annual Prize distribution expenses : Medals, gifts, certificates food.

Annual Staff get-togetherFood, staff incentives.

Uniforms: Summer and winter uniforms, thermals, caps and scarves and sweaters for winter, socks and shoes.

Expenses on extra-curricular activities: Buses hired for annual excursions, special snacks, art materials etc.


More Teachers: To maintain the 1: 20 teacher-student ratio, to hire professionals to teach computer, PE and Yoga.

Administrators dedicated to each school.

Better classrooms

Vocational education equipment and teachers.







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