Art and Craft

Every year we introduce some techniques of art or craft to our students. While there is no fixed curriculum as yet, our volunteers bring in a variety of experiences to our children. From nursery to class 5, all our students are enthisiastic about art. If we have enthusiastic volunteers, our students are the best one could ask for.

caricature1caricature2 caricature3

Caricatures made by Class 3 students in 2008

Picture15 Picture19

Creative by nature !


Annually, Pragati students and staff get together to promote our cause by exhibiting at fair stalls during Diwali season . We make products to sell at the fairs. The products are designed in a such a manner that they can be easily made by children aged 10-15 .The children learn a craft and we generate awareness about our schools and also a small revenue through the fairs.

Each year they look forward to learning new techniques from volunteers.Over the years many lovely murals, greeting cards, diyas, trays, coasters,place-mats, duppattas & scarves, lamps, vases etc, have been made for the diwali melas.

    IMG_20150514_112712IMG_20150514_115901IMG_20150514_112407 (1)

Greeting cards,gift tags , gift enveloppes with watercolours, quilling, and other techniques.


Laminated paper place mats and murals with clay and POP.

Trays and coasters in wood and glass with decouppage technique.

collage 2 collage 1

Exquisitely Painted Diyas

collage1  20140920_12082120140926_132648Untitled-1

Scarves and dupattas in tie and dye, beautiful bottle lamps from recycled bottles and as many interesting things as our volunteer teachers can think of.

The childrens’ enthusiasm has prompted us to introduce vocational training classes after their regular classes. And with the support of more volunteers and funding hope to grow it to include our alumni as well.


For more pictures of our art and diwali products please visit our gallery.


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