Month: June 2015

Citi Bank helps Pragati Arcade get a facelift

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On 13th of June 2015, as part of the 10th anniversary of their Global Community Day, 92 enthusiastic volunteers from Citi Bank came to Pragati Arcade to give it a new look.

IMG-20150615-WA0006 IMG-20150615-WA0007 IMG-20150615-WA0008 IMG-20150615-WA0010 IMG-20150615-WA0003 IMG-20150615-WA0002

Volunteers painting walls, desks and benches, even doing a bit of gardening.   IMG-20150615-WA0004IMG-20150615-WA0005

Some of them made some charts to put up inside the classrooms. IMG-20150615-WA0009


Meditation Workshop May 21st 2015

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A workshop on Meditation , a unique experience for our teachers and volunteers. 

IMG-20150603-WA0006 1

Art Workshop By British School

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An art workshop was held on 15th of May, sponsored by the British School. Argentinian painters Ivanka and May, interacted with the students and held a fun filled workshop .

IMG-20150516-WA0003 IMG-20150516-WA0002 IMG-20150516-WA0004 IMG-20150516-WA0005IMG-20150516-WA0001

Ivanka and May talked about Argentina  and taught the students Argentinian songs. Two of the children’s portraits were chosen to be the best self portraits of the day. This was a wonderful experiene for our children. Thank you British school !

Eye Camp on April 1st 2015

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Annual eye checkup was held on 1st of April 2015 and corrective lenses were distributed to those who required it.

Graduating students of Class 5

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Our happy graduates of 2015 from one of our campuses, with their 5 th board certifiactes. 9 of these children have been accepted into Lotus Petals Foundation for accelerated learning upto the 10th grade. Others will continue in the Govt school at Chakkarpur village.


Annual Day celebrations 2014- 15

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IMG-20150206-WA0009 IMG-20150206-WA0016 IMG-20150207-WA0001


IMG-20150206-WA0017 IMG-20150206-WA0018 IMG-20150206-WA0019 IMG-20150206-WA0021 IMG-20150206-WA0022 IMG-20150207-WA0010

Our Annual Day celebrations on 5th of February for the parents and on 6th for our benefactors and supporters.

The most anticipated event of the year for our children, on this day each and every child gets to dress up and perform on stage. This year as always we had a wide variety of dances with excited dancers in colourful costumes. . The highlights though, were a skit on the cleanliness drive “Swatchh Bharath” and an English play “Jungle School”. “Swatchh Bharath” brought a sense of awareness and involvement among the students not just for cleanliness but also towards current affairs and patriotism.  “Jungle School”, was a chance for them to show off their prowess in English and their new found confidence in it ‘s usage.

You can watch the video of “Swatchh Bharat” in