Physical Education

Physical fitness and well being is an integral part of every person’s life. Each morning during the assembly, all our students go through a quick set of exercises. Our school premises have some open area where the children can freely play during the 2 recess periods. Every campus has some play equipment for the younger children also.

One of our benefactors, recently donated a goal post and some footballs for our children. Cricket is another favourite among the students.


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We have also brought fitness to our senior students through the erstwhile form of YogaStudents of classes 2-5 in Pragati Arcade by volunteer staff, Mr.Shukla, an experienced yoga instructor , and the students of classes 3-5 at Pragati Vatika, are being taught yoga by an enthusiastic student volunteer, Sachil Yadav.

We would like to extend these classes to more children across all the schools if we can find more volunteers or if we can generate the funds for it.

Every year some of our students participate in the Airtel marathon, thanks to our corporate sponsor, Cargill.



And in 2015, the British school children organised a sports day for all our children in their campus. A very rewarding and fun filled day for our students.

In february 2016, the Junior sports day was held in our campus for children from Nursery to

Grade 1.


In 2015, we have also started Kathak and Bharatnatyam classes.This is a big hit among our students.


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