Our Alumni

2013 saw our first batch of Pragati students clear their 10th Std board exams. We honoured them in our annual day and encouraged them to continue their education with a token sum of Rs.1000 each as a gift. We  have continued this tradition since.

annual day 2013 011DSC00658

Our proud first batch of students who cleared the 10th standard board examinations- 2013


Fond memories : It was a proud moment for Pragati when this batch cleared the 5th standard boards 5 yrs earlier !

2014 annual day alumni 12014 annual day alumni 2

Our second batch of alumni clears the 10th board examinations – 2014

While Najlima wants to be an airhostess, Varsha prefers to be a CA, Hassan aspires to be a dancer and Sanjeev wants to join the army. For Prarthna, it is teaching and Raju a software engineering. While Vijay wants to try business, Akbar and Mandal are undecided. We wish that all their dreams come true !

Number of alumni who have cleared the 10th board examinations 2013 : 7 ;     2014 : 9 

As we are a primary level school, our students move to other schools for the middle level education. We believe in making sure they follow through the middle school education. Some of our alumni move into the Government Secondary school in Chakkarpur  while some try for Sanskriti , an english medium Govt. school. As many aspire to join an english medium school, we have started to upgrade their english through conversation classes between 12am and 2 pm.

Some of our students also join the Lotus Petal Foundation school, which fast forwards their classes, to help finish their 10th in 2-3 years. This is advantageous to some of our students who are already 12-15 yrs old when they finish their 5 th grade at Pragati. In the past 3 years , the number of Pragati students selected at Lotus Petal Foundation school has dramatically increased.

2014 : 7 students selected, only 1 chose to join, others chose schools closer to home.

2015 : 17 students selected.


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