Cultural Events

One of the most enjoyed and anticipated activities are our cultural celebrations. The Independence, Republic day and Childrens’ day celebrations are occasions for performances and merriment.

Music lessons

The Annual day function (where the parents are our guests for a day) ,give all our students an opportunity to perform , be it dance, music or plays. 

Parents at the annual day 2012 Nov
Parents at the annual day 2012 IMG-20150206-WA0017

Annual day celebrations at  Pragati 2014-15

DSCN4169 WP_20131130_002

Here two of our best compere effortlessly in both Hindi and English.

WP_20131130_004  WP_20131130_017

Our students steal the show, whether they dance or act in plays, it s always  100% involvement, Kudos to them !

The Annual Prize distribution function is a special day for our students , where not just their academic achievements but also their excellence in sports, arts and discipline are rewarded with certificates and momentoes.

2014-08-14 02.31.56 2014-08-14 02.33.32

The past three years have seen our children participate in inter school competitions and the famous “Raahgiri”.

Do visit our facebook page “Pragati Gurgaon” to see the video of the play” Bapu ek Sapna” performed during Raahgiri.




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