Our Benefactors

Since its inception, Pragati has grown from strength to strength entirely on the support of generous individuals and organizations. Hundreds of eager children approach us everyday and we need to reach out to them. Today, Pragati’s greatest challenge is to provide quality education to our students with the limited funds available. The school started with 11 students but has since mushroomed to 280 and there are many more children waiting to join.We would like to be able to accept all the children approaching us, if we  could hire more teachers, improve our equipment, and provide other amenities.
Equipping the school buildings with the basic infrastructure and setting and maintaining high standards of teaching and learning is our goal.   To meet these and other operating costs we have always been supported by individuals . This is an ongoing endeavour and you can support us by joining us as a volunteer or by donating in any form you find convenient.


 Our effort is to use your money wisely, giving those most vulnerable a chance to live a life of dignity. Together, we can work toward making a difference by helping break a cycle of ignorance induced by poverty. Every individual can make a difference. Come and Be The Change !


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