Org. Status


A Registered Society with the District Registrar of Firms and Societies, Gurgaon, Govt of Haryana – having Regd. no HR/018/2012/00013

Accreditation to the National Institute of Open SchoolingStudents of class 3 and 5 take these examinations. 

Income tax exemption – Exemption 80G of the IT act 1961. 

FCRA (Foreign Contribution Regulation Act)– Pragati is now registered under FCRA(Foreign Contribution Regulation Act)to receive money in foreign currency.


The schools follow the syllabus prescribed by the Haryana State Education Board.

Subjects taught at Pragati are Hindi, English, Mathematics and Environmental Studies.

Medium of education is Hindi

Teacher-pupil ratio is 1: 20.
Teaching is done largely by full time teaching staff.
The knowledge level, not the age of the student, determines his/her class level as many of our students have had either fractured education or have not, previously, attended any school.


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